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AAA Form pre fill username textbox

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Hi Stefan,
I do not know if you can you can extract the value from the URL. But we are using SAML for the same kind of solution. It is working as expected and fit for purpose.
Try the info from the page below.






Hi Manoj,


thanks for the info. At the moment, i am working on that problem. Have you any further configuation infos for me to get it working with o365 ?


Are you using the netscaler as IDP, or do you forward the request to an MS ADFS server ?

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Same question here. Is it possible in the latest versions to prefill without changing the .js files?

I implement a lot of Office365 with NetScaler as ADFS proxy. people are always complaining about having to fill in their e-mail twice (one time microsoft/one time NetScaler AAA)

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