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Application slow but only for one user

Peter Chua1709152127




All of a sudden, I have a user which suddenly say the published application is slow.

Slow in a sense that there is some lag when using the application.

No change to xenapp servers


I am using program neighbourhood.


What I have tried so far.


- Using the same citrix user profile on another PC to login and run published apps - works fine

- With same PC, login using another user account, then use same citrix user profile - works fine

- Same PC, using different network port - Still slow



So looks like the user's PC account is having the issue.

He is user local admin account, but the PC is joined to the domain.

Any idea what could be the cause?


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Stumbled upon this thread while Googling this same issue. I've supported Citrix XenApp for our organization going back the past 12+ years. And this was the first time I ran into this specific scenario. Previously, I've seen something similar happen. And the fix was to delete the local user profile that's on the XenApp server. But that was when the Citrix user account was sluggish from any client host logging in with those Citrix user credentials.


In this case, if the PC was logged on as a specific local user, any/all Citrix user accounts accessing XenApp published apps had slow performance. Mouse movement and clicks were delayed to the point of it being unusable. If the PC was logged on as any other local user, then Citrix sessions ran fine. It has to be the specific local user profile that's an issue. Rather than trying to manually clean up the local user folder, look for specific files in there, etc. I'm just going to delete the local user profile and start over. Willing to bet that will fix the issue. There must be some bloat or corruption within the current local user profile folder tree.

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