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XenCenter does not show IP addresses for VM

Nurlan Mukhanov


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For Citrix support its best to open a ticket with them via purchased support. Someone from Citrix might chime in, but now that they have been through a couple of major staff reductions this year with some great staff lost, I'm not sure who is left that checks on the forums. But I digress, back to your issue. I've never done a template with a private network. I wonder if thats where the "glitch" is coming in. If so you could make a template without a network and add it manually after you create your VM.



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I know this is an old thread, but I just started having this problem on VM's that have been in service for a long time.   So it isn't a sysprep issue at all.  The network on the VM's is up and running, its just weird that Xencenter doesn't know what the IP address is all of a sudden.  I restarted Xencenter, but that didn't change anything.

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Just came across this thread looking for an answer to the same solution. What I did notice is that a VM that is connected to the main NIC network doesn't have an IP address showing in XenCenter, but when you create an External Network for the server, then add that External Network to the VM in addition to the main NIC network, the IP address shows up for the VM against the External Network connection - but the main NIC network against that VM still shows as 'Unknown'. 


Not sure if that solves the issue for anyone, but it may help. 

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