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XenApp 6.5 Computer Policies

Bryan LaChance




General question regarding XenApp computer policies.  When those get applied at the OU level, will it take effect when the policy is applied to client devices connecting to the environment via Citrix Receiver or do they have to be applied to the OU containing the actual XenApp farm servers?


I know it mentions the OU filter allows you to apply policies based on the OU of the desktop running the session.  Sounds like it can be client devices, but just wanted to confirm.


Looking to potentially enable session reliability policies however I really only want to apply to a subset of devices connecting to the environment, not all devices.





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This has been a major hole in the Citrix Policy documentation for 4 years and there's still no answer?


The description for these settings says that the policy can be assigned "based on the Orginizational Unit (OU) of the desktop running the session."  Does Citrix consider the server to be the one "running the session" or can that be used to filter based on the clients?


I want to set up a policy to apply to all clients in a particular OU, because printer redirection doesn't need to be done for internal clients (as the printers are networked) but is needed for users connecting to Citrix from our remote sites.

Can anyone tell me if these settings will work for the intended purpose?

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