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ICA Latency vs. ICA RTT

Thorsten Gosny1709153085


Hi all


we are encountering some session performance issues for a customer, escpecially from remote locations overseas. We did some mesasurement of ICA latency and ICA RTT.


I learned from some documents, that ICA latency is the pure connection latency between client and XenApp server, and ICA RTT should be the time the complete workflow takes - user action + transport to XenApp server + process + transport back to client + display result to the user.


This imposes for me that the RTT should e always higher, or at least not below the latency. But we had some results displayed where it showed a latency of 37 ms and an RTT of 36 ms. How can it be? May latency changes during processing to a lower value which affects the total result?


Would be also interesting to know "what is a good value" for RTT.


Thanks for any input on this!





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ICA Latency = Network Latency + ICA Stack Latency (WD to WD, see here https://www.citrix.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/edt-ica.png)


ICA RTT =  ICA Latency + Thinwire Latency (imagine you click on your mouse, how much time passed until your screen was repainted).


application performance may increase ICA RTT

system performance may increase ICA RTT and ICA Latency

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