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What are your top barriers or challenges to adopt Infrastructure as Code approach to Netscaler Automation via Terraform, Ansible ?

Mayur Vadhar

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Using Terraform:

1: Some of the REST API Calls from terraform adc provider to Netscaler is async and will report as "complete" even though it is not completed. Due to this constraint i have to run some pipelines several times for it to complete. I have gotten used to work around this issue. (I use terraform depends_on of course). i.e step 1 upload responder html page, step 2 depends_on step1 but step1 is async)

2: How to handle WAF learning / Handle AppFW Learning Data properly using Terraform ( i havent looked into this in great detail yet)

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Commands are not running in sequence. This can cause timing issues when running full deployments. Currently solving this to ad d extra ping and depends on commands in Terraform. Would be nice to have the ability to run a NetScaler deployment in the correct sequence.

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