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Get list of users/groups assigned to desktop group

Christian Francke


Hi NG,


I'm trying to retrieve the associated users and groups from a desktop group which I can see in Studio --> assignments in "Users"


get-brokerdesktopgroup won't do.


I found the Get-BrokerAccessPolicyRule cmdlet. When I list the includedusers I get empty braces:


PS Get-BrokerAccessPolicyRule | select includedusers




When I run the same cmdlet with -expandproperty I get nothing:


PS Get-BrokerAccessPolicyRule | select -ExpandProperty IncludedUsers


Any idea how I can get the list of users/groups from a desktop group via PowerShell?













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On 2/14/2018 at 7:42 PM, Anand Kumar Nelapati said:



Here is the command i used to get the details,


Get-BrokerMachine -MaxRecordCount 9999 -DeliveryType "DesktopsOnly" |select MachineName, @{l="AssociatedUserNames";e={$_.AssociatedUserNames -join " "}}, @{l="AssociatedUserFullNames";e={$_.AssociatedUserFullNames -join " "}}, DesktopGroupName |Export-Csv usertogroups.csv



Anand Kumar Nelapati


This is perfect, thank you

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