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How to bind sslprofile to gateway vpn server?

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Hi Nico,

You may already know that to bind the SSL Profile, you need to use the resource argument:

resource "citrixadc_sslvserver" "gateway_ssl_vserver" {

vservername = "myGateway"

sslprofile = "ns_default_ssl_profile_secure_frontend"


However, before you can use this argument, you first need to enable the SSL Parameter, Default Profile.

resource "citrixadc_sslparameter" "default" {

defaultprofile = "ENABLED"


Enabling Default Profile is a one-way action and will affect all the SSL vServers on the NetScaler. This will result in all of the SSL vServers using ns_default_ssl_profile_secure_frontend. You can then use Terraform to change them to a new custom profile.

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