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Samsung KNOX

Mukhtar Serikbaev


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Hi Justin, logs from worx home:

"WARNING   ( 3)","ManagerXmlConfig:

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359): java.lang.Exception: KLMS license is already being processed

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.samsungmdm.KnoxLicense.configure(KnoxLicense.java:33)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.samsungmdm.License.configure(License.java:30)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.manager.ManagerXmlConfig.manager(ManagerXmlConfig.java:242)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.manager.ManagerXmlConfig.<init>(ManagerXmlConfig.java:77)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.communication.ProcessPacketService.processService(ProcessPacketService.java:64)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.communication.KernelService.processSelectionKey(KernelService.java:601)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.communication.KernelService.access$1500(KernelService.java:64)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359):            at com.zenprise.communication.KernelService$1.run(KernelService.java:337)

02-03 20:11:59.535 W/WorxHome(19359): "


we need after install licence key, "Samsung KNOX API available" value is "false"

devices are working normally, we tried to deploy policy with KLMS keys in two different devices,



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After depolying KLMS key we can connect to MDM, but after depolying 

yes we have scheduling policy. 

When device is reboot or when we select update policy in Works Home->Device info->refresh policy, we see message “Connection failed due to a security policy” and we need to do re-enroll.


And in worx log we see error


"WARNING   ( 3)","SHTP:

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419): java.io.IOException: Connection failed, status=400 subcode=HTTP/1.1 400 SHTP0003: A required parameter is missing.

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419):             at com.zenprise.communication.SHTP.connectInternal2(SHTP.java:628)

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419):             at com.zenprise.communication.SHTP.connectInternal(SHTP.java:353)

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419):             at com.zenprise.communication.SHTP.connect(SHTP.java:343)

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419):             at com.zenprise.communication.KernelService.connectToServer(KernelService.java:548)

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419):             at com.zenprise.communication.KernelService$1.run(KernelService.java:251)

02-04 18:58:54.495 W/WorxHome( 5419): "
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On 2/5/2014 at 8:15 PM, Mukhtar Serikbaev said:

we resolve with SHTP, another problem with Active Sync Gateway, policies aren't push in real time, we need to deploy policy manual each time.

How we can activate Active Sync in MDM?

i also experienced it now, how do you resolve with SHTP?


any resolve act?

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