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Hi, I would like to deploy a Netscaler VPX appliance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as there is no marketplace image yet, how could I deploy my appliance on OCI ? Is there an existing step by step guide I could follow /adapt to my need ? Thank you

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Hi @Vincent Caset​ ,

NetScaler VPX is not natively supported on the OCI.

There used to be an indirect way of bringing up a KVM Hypervisor on a Bare-metal OCI instance followed by VPX provisioning on top of it as explained in the document below.


NetScaler BLX is already validated on OCI Cloud.


Several customers already use BLX in the standalone deployment.

The support for Gateway and OCI HA on BLX is in development and it is expected to be released later this year.

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HI @Harihara Sudhan​,

thank you for your feedback.

If it can run on KVM in could run OCI which uses KVM also.

We can import QCOW2 directly to OCI in order to create either VM or BM,

I guess we could follow this procedure to setup directly Netscaler on an OCI VM/BM without using KVM ?



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