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Disable Apps Using PowerShell

Brian Ellis1709152899


I would like to disable all published applications in a folder using PowerShell.  I can use this command to disable a specific application:


Disable-XAApplication "applicaiton name"


And I can use this command to list all applications in the Applications/Test folder:


Get-XAApplication -FolderPath Applications/Test


How can I disable all applications in the Applications/Test folder using PowerShell?


Thanks in advance.  Brian



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I have a similar question, but the applications are mixed in different folders and I don't want some applications in the same folders disabled.


What I am trying to do is disable and hide, applications that have not been used in a year.


I used Report Center to get a list of applications that have not been used in a year or more.


I would like to disable and hide that list of applications, which are in different folders mixed in with applications that I don't want to disable and hide.


I can make a txt for csv file with a list of the unused applications, can I use that list to disable and hide with out worrying about the Folder path?  I can also get folder Path in CSV file.




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Try this


$Apps = Get-Content C:\applist.txt

ForEach ($App in $Apps)


        Disable-XAApplication -BrowserName $App.browsername

        Set-XAApplication -BrowserName $App.browsername -Enabled $False -HideWhenDisabled $True




Create a file in C:\ called applist.txt and seperate each application name on separate lines.


Please test first.



Shaun Ritchie

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Hi Shaun,


Thanks for the reply but I am getting errors:


Cannot validate argument on parameter 'BrowserName'


I don't think it has a way of know with that parameter is by just a app name in a txt file?


The previous example which has a Get-XXApplication -FolderPath so it will have the BrowserName Parameter.


How can we get that parameter with the script that uses the txt file?



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