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Tommy Rasmussen


I'm trying to get a FEIG (http://www.feig.de/en/home.html) USB OBID RFID (ID ISC.MR102) reader to communicate with a program installed in my XD Win7 machine but I'm (obviously since I'm here) not having much success. Hence I'm looking for some suggestions for further troubleshooting and also if anyone has experience with using this device (or something like it) with an XD desktop.

I'm running Win 7 Pro x64 with PVD. The machines are being streamed from a PVS server. Clients connecting are Wyse T10.

As far as I can tell, the OBID driver is a kernel mode drive and hence I've installed it into the PVS image rather than the PVD. I can see the OBID device showing up en device manager inside the XD Desktop and it seems to be running. However, the software that need to talk to the reader, cannot find it. FEIG has a tool to communicate and (I think) configure these devices called ISOStart. This utillity can see the device but not is not able to communicate with it.
I have tried to connect to the XD Desktop from a Win 7 client with the latest receiver and the OBID driver installed (and working - tested with ISOStart). the result is the same...

Any suggestions are most welcome! :-)

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