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Screensaver/Lock not starting

Tim Wolf1709152741


Hi there,

i`ve configured a GPO with screensaver settings, so that the screensaver starts after a couple of minutes and locks the session.
These settings are working correctly when connected via RDP.
But when connected via Citrix Receiver the screensaver never attempts starts.

Enviroment specs:
XenDesktop 5.6
VDA 5.6.200 with HDX3D and GPU passthrough
XenServer 6.0.2
Windows 7 Enterprise x64
Citrix Receiver Enterprise

Didn`t found any Citrix policy that handles the screensaver.

Thanks in advance,

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Here are my last results.

Tests with deactivated GPOs and Citrix policys including Unfiltered dont fix the problem.

When the ScreenSaverTimeOut is set to 15sec the screensaver will activate while the logon is in progress!
But when the login is finished the screensaver won`t start anymore.
This only happens on connections with ICA.
When connected via RDP or console the screensaver starts without problems.

I´ve found out that when im connected with ICA the Windows7 PowerSettings will be changed.
"Turn off the display" will change to "Never" no matter what i`ve set before.

Now im going to open a support case...

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This is an interesting thread...

I have Windows XP machines acting as receivers for Windows 7 VMs and screensavers + lock is working just fine...

Both the XP machine and the Windows 7 machines are going blank screensaver after 5 mins and both are locking. The VMs even go to screensaver and lock independent of the XP machine (if someone is inactive on their VM but active on their desktop)

Though I do not have 3D enabled and our VMs are W7 Pro x86
Standard receiver 3.4
XenServer is 6.1
All VMs created through MCS (pooled with Personal vDisk).

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I am fighting this issue with a Xendesktop 7 deployment.  We created a new 7 pool and used the same master image but  upgraded the VDA from the 5.6 to and I stopped working immediately . The gpo is being delivered and it should work.  I created  Xendesktop7 Server OS pool using the same agent and it works fine.  The master image for the desktop pool works as it is supposed to, only the pooled vms are affected.  I use MCS not PVS if it matters

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I just spent hours troubleshooting this issue and wanted to take a second to reply back with a fix (at least for XD7). PICAImpersonationClient.exe doesn't exist on XD7.


I went through a detailed fix here in my blog article with screenshots and all:



In short - apply the following registry key and see if this resolves your issue:

HKLM\Software\Citrix\Graphics\SetDisplayRequiredMode = 0


Hope to save you guys some time in troubleshooting.

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Having the same issue with XD 7.6 FP3. Found this thread http://discussions.citrix.com/topic/334784-known-issue-xd-7-password-lock-not-supported-this-is-kind-of-a-showstopper-dont-you-think/page-2


On page 2, there is talk of including the registry entry into the base image if use PVS or MCS, as it needs to be there prior to when GPOs apply, or even if you were to apply it manually after the VM is booted. I'm going to try this and see if it helps since we happen to be updating our image anyway.

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We've done everything, including baking the reg settings into the image. We've got an existing case open with Citrix on this one, but haven't made much progress on this. We've created to vanilla images, one x64 and x86 with only the VDA agent installed, and we can successfully re-create the issue. We suspect something in PicaSessionAgent.exe that might be causing the issue, but as i mentioned, it's still being investigated by Citrix. 

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On 21/11/2016 at 8:01 PM, Retief Zietsman1709155641 said:

Tools upgraded and the issue is back. From what we can see it looks like PicaSessionAgent.exe. Running POWERCFG - REQUESTS points this out. Adding a manual powercfg override for PicaSessionAgent.exe doesn't work either. We'll be trying a couple additional things, after which we will log it through to Citrix support. 

Did you ever get to the bottom of this. During a recent OS upgrade to Win 10 1703 we have started experiencing this exact issue . we are on VDA 7.17 latest .


Havent tested rolling back the VDA but we have set/ tested every available reg key and workaround to no avail.

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I'm having this issue with citrix as well. Have tested with Win 10 1803 and 1809, with 7.15 CU3 and 7.15 CU2 VDA's for both versions. Via VMWare console it works perfectly, but when connecting via citrix receiver it doesn't. We also have this working with no issues on Server 2016.


Has anyone found a fix?

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