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Citrix Audio stops seemingly at random

Mat Ashmore


Hi all,

We've got XenDesktop 5.6 with Cisco IP Communicator installed on it for some of our call centre operatives.

For some reason the audio appears to randomly stop in the middle of a session seemingly at random. We are using several different headsets and a Dell laptop that basically just loads in to the Web Interface.

The users are able to take calls and it works fine and then at random it just stops working. The audio devices still show up as there in the sound panel however you have to log out of the session and back in in order for it to start working again.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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We have transcriptionists that utilize a totally different program to project sound, installed on the xendesktop VM. The same thing is happening to them...this is XD 5.5, though. I am currently researching the problem. When the audio cuts out...they simply disconnect from their session...reconnect...and the audio is back.

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We are having the exact same issue on an evaluation deployment of 5.6 and is still occuring after updating to 5.6 FR1.

Users will lose sound randomly somepoint after being logged in for over a minute, this timer seems to be completely random as I have seen this occur as soon as 1 minute after a new connection to hours later. As mentioned disconnecting and reconnecting corrects the issue temporarily.

Anyone find a solution for this ? This is basically one of the final hurdles to moving to production, but a complete stopper if there is no fix.

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I did find a solution. I do not know how well it will work for you guys, though. It is more like a work around. I disabled windows media redirection via Xendesktop policy for the users who used this application. This forced them to use the audio redirection virtual channel. I have heard no complaints about this since.

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Thanks for the quick reply, will give this a shot.

Not sure how well this will work out for us as the video / audio requirements were one of the main reasons for considering Citrix Desktop in the first place. With disabling Media Redirection, I suspect this will take a big hit in quality.

Did you notice any major degradation in Video / Audio quality by disabling the mapping ?

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I have a simular issue in my environment. Users sound will quit working within the Win7 session while still working on the Mobile Thin Client base OS. If the users navigates to the speaker icon on the start bar, right click and choose playback deivices, they can then click on the recording tab and re-establish sound. I disabled the Windows Media redirection hoping that would correct it, but the issue is still there.
We have receiver 3.3 on the MTC and 3.4 in the image. Any help would be great

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My client is experiencing the same/similar issue after they started to use Palo Alto Networks VM-100 Firewall as a router/firewall between subnets.

XenDesktop 7.15

Audio usually is not available after connecting; disconnecting and reconnecting usually fixes the problem.

It seems that when the audio tries to go through UDP it doesn't work, although the firewall is not dropping the packets.

I have disabled UDP in policies but it doesn't seem to have any effect.



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