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How to check the existing ntp configuration from cli ? Will there be any production impact if we change the ntp config ?

Sarovani CK

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Before doing the NTP change the date was showing wrongly ..

It was showing as July 1 ( instead of July 6 ) , After changing the NTP server , the time still shows as July 1st .

But on cluster member time is showing correctly ..

How do I correct it ?

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Hi @Paul Blitz​ 

We have corrected the date and time by restarting the ntpd process , but the offset time and jitter are keep increasing . Is there any solution for that?

   remote      refid    st t when poll reach  delay  offset  jitter

==============================================================================   3 u   38  64 377  1.501  218662. 11871.3   3 u   43  64 377  4.184  218462. 11800.2

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