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Is the F5 to NetScaler conversion tool still available? Is this a tool we as engineers could get access to for migrating F5s to NetScaler?

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Hi Jeff. I'm curious what your reasoning is for moving from F5 to Netscalers? I'm currently in the opposite position of considering F5 to replace our aging MPX's that are going eol at the end of the year. So far we are on the fence after experimenting with a virtual edition f5 trial license. Our Netscalers work fine but I would say one main point of frustration has been the poor tech support with Citrix. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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We work with customers that have both and are looking to consolidate down to 1 solution since they both do the same thing. But since Citrix Gateway is only supported on NetScalers, we tend to recommend that solution.

Also when it comes to configuration I tend to find the NetScalers much more intuitive, and the configuration language is easier for me to read, more similar to Cisco style configs.

But yes support for Citrix is still hurting. Hopefully that gets turned around soon.

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