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Citrix Receiver on iPad - Error 183

Michel Balencourt


Hi all,

Our customer, running XenApp 6 servers on Windows Server 2008 R2, wants to be able to connect to the farm using mobile devices such as Android and iOS phones and tablets.

So I installed Citrix Receiver (latest version found on Market and iStore) on an Asus Eee Pad (Android) and an iPad, and managed to connect to the farm with both. I encounter (almost) no problems to use it on Android, but I can't get any application to start on the iPad. After it tried to load the application, it gives an error message, and says "Error Number : 183".

I connect using a Web Interface. There's no CAG.

Do you need more information ? Can you help ?

Thanks in advance,

Edit : The error message doesn't tell much...

"A network error occurred while communicating with "sg.domain.lu". Error Number : 183"

Edited by: MBA001 on 26-Jan-2012 06:03

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Nobody ?

In the mean time, I have to get an Igel thin client (Linux) also connected to the farm, but there I get a SSL error 61, something about the StartCom certificate I didn't choose to trust (but I did...). This error appears right after I log on to the web interface, then every time I try to open an application.

I think both problems on the iPad/iPhone and the Igel Linux TC are similar... but how do I get those certificates to work ?

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Also have the same problem with Citrix Receiver on iPad.

Same farm environment as you described - W2K8 R2 servers with Xenapp 6. IOS 5 on iPad 2, with Citrix Receiver 5.0.2

Connecting via Web Interface on SSL port with no CAG. Web Interface connection works fine. Connecting via PNAgent site populates published apps. However, trying to open a published app will work sometimes and not others.

Connection attempt Authenticates and stalls at "Starting Application" - then connection error displays, "A network error occurred while communicating with +site+. Error Number 183"

Again, sometimes apps will connect and not others... maybe half the time.


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Thought I'd update this.

Session Reliability was checked on the Secure Gateway configuration for XML Services site. I've disabled it.
Afterwards, remote users could connect most of the time without the '...183' error.
Internal users could not connect, but the '183' error was not the one displayed. In trying to resolve this issue, I followed another thread which described changing a line in the WebInterface.conf file.

The receiver now displays a generic "Could not establish communication with server" error whenever it fails to start an application, which is about half the time.

This happens far too often to call this reliable or to deploy to any of our users at this time, but it does appear that the original error has been resolved.


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