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Does anyone have a good tutorial/guide for setting up an API Gateway. I'm not finding much in web searches that give the actual requirements (firmware version required, etc) and basic steps for setting it up.

Michael Payne

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I've been tasked with determining if an API gateway on Netscaler/ADM would allow a cloud based webapp to send an API call to our on-prem environment that makes a query against an on-prem db. The additional complexity is that they want to have Azure(where the webapp will reside) to perform the authentication and pass the it's token on through a gateway and allow the api call/query to process.

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Thanks I watched that, the on-prem ADM does not have that menu structure(no securityapi gateway menu), making me think it's only available to the ADM Service in the cloud but not for on-prem ADM instances. I just haven't been able to find any documentation that says that. Basically a requirements list, if it's not available it's an easy answer to the question posed to me.

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