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SOAP event id 16 killing my server. Please advice.

Patrick van Tetering



I have pvs 5.1 running and got 5x 2008 x64 xenapp servers running on it (os is fully patched). Once i a while a server hangs and needs to be reset. Today some errors were logged.

Event viewer showed
Event id 16:
Soap error: One of the parameters supplied is invalid..

Event id 16:
Soap error: Loading of the WSDL file failed.

Event id 16:
Soap error: XML Parser failed at linenumber 0, lineposition 0, reason is: Het downloaden van de opgegeven bron is mislukt.

Could not find anything on the forums about these specific errors.

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Hello Padraig thanks for your reply.

We havent changed anything in our pvs setup (5.1.2). As of late we are experiencing these lockups. The only thing that changes are the vdisks with ms patches and applications. As its the soap service, i expect its the communication with the pvs server that is failing at that time. My knowledge of soap is close to nothing so im finding it hard to trouble shoot. I will look at the list of hotfixes for something that has to something with mssoap.

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On 10/10/2011 at 9:59 PM, Patrick van Tetering said:

No sorry i didnt mean the soap service on the pvs server. The soap errors are all reported on our xenapp servers. There are no soap errors on the pvs server itself. Ill look into soap debug logging on the pvs server and report my findings. As far as i know we didnt apply any .net updates on the pvs server but will also double check that.


Hi Patrick.


I know this is a long shot but we are having an identical series of events on our Xenapp servers (XA7.15) and just wondering if you can recall if and how you resolved your issue.  

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