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Shift-F2 Resized Window not returning to full scree

Steven Wells


Hi all,
I know that if you press Shift-F2 in a full screen session, it will allow access to desktop and pressing Shift-F2 brings it back full screen.

However if you press Shift-F2 and then resize the window, pressing Shift-F2 leaves the host task bar at the bottom, ie, doesn't return to Full Screen.

The client I am using is 12 and 13 and this appears to be the problem on both.

I read somewhere you can use Shift F12 to bring back to Full Screen but this doesn't seem to work on 12 or 13, even with the registry remap.

Any ideas on a Hot key to bring session back to full screen, without having to use the resize session option from the window?


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After having used the Restore/Maximize button, Shift-F2 does indeed not bring you back to a real full screen session.

The trick I found is as follows
- type shift-F2 in order to see the windows Title bar
- click on the upper left Citrix icon in the title bar
- select the option "Resize Session"
- select "Full screen" in the Desktop size drop down list and click OK

That's it !

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Although Desktopviewer is a really cool feature, depending on the plugin/xenapp combination you're using, you may encounter some issues when using it. It's only supported by Citrix from the Xenapp 6.5 / Receiver 3.3 combination

How to enable DesktopViewer for Xenapp

Desktop Viewer Toolbar affects XenApp Published Desktops using StoreFront Services Receiver for Web

Issues with the Desktop Viewer Toolbar Functionality when Using the Citrix Desktop Receiver to Access XenApp Published Desktops

Desktop View support for Xenapp

About Receiver for Windows 3.3

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>After having used the Restore/Maximize button, Shift-F2 does indeed not bring you back to a real full screen session.

This was indeed the case when the original post was made but since then, I've found that Shift-F2 toggle does work in Citrix Receiver v3.3 which is handy because whilst 3.3 might have fixed Shift-F2, it generally broke full-screen whereby the screen occasionally falls out of full-screen when toggling back to the desktop.

One day they'll get full-screen working fully...

Cheers, Rob.

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