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Online Plugin disables local "Show Windows Contents while dragging" effect

Rob Van Nugteren


We are running various versions of the Citrix Plugin on both Windows XP and Windows 7 clients and they all show following behaviour:
When using the Citrix plugin to work with remote applications and/or virtual desktops, the plugin disables the LOCAL setting "Show WIndows Contents while dragging" (so on the Windows XP/7 Client!). The moment when the option is disabled is not consistent. Sometimes the option is disabled immediately after starting a remote app, sometimes after some time, sometimes the option is not disabled at all (but most of the times it is!).
A lot of our users are complaining about this, because they find the "Show Windows Contents while dragging" option very usefull.
We are wondering if there is a way to prevent this from happening!

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Users are also experiencing this in the company I work for. However, our experience is +every+ time we connect to a published app or desktop. It's not limited to "Show Window Contents While Dragging" either; it affects sizing transitions as well (yes, more of an eye-candy feature than usefulness but something else to report).

Using Win7 x64, Program Neighborhood, XenApp 5.3.

I've found that setting the "Disable desktop composition" program Compatibility option on wfica32.exe* will at least reset the "Show Window Contents While Dragging" effect *+after+ all Citrix connections have logged off. As you may have guessed, this also reverts to "Windows 7 Basic" while Citrix connections are active. Fairly ugly and does not work around the problem since the "Contents While Dragging" feature is disabled while connected to Citrix.

rvan, have you discovered a solution?

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