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Outlook 2010 Search feature does not work

Irshad Richard Hussain


We have Office 2010 natively installed on all of our Xenapp 6 servers and use Published Desktop for alot of users. Outlook works great but the Search feature does not work effectively. In order to have that working, Windows Search feature has to be enabled. This installs Indexing service automatically.

Indexing service adds delay to everything. Everytime a user logs on, indexing service supposedly start to index their files and sometimes everything seems to hang.

Has anyone been able to configure the Search feature and made it work without introducing any Lag to the system?

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi Jason,

I just read your blog, and had a look at GPO options and there is an option for 'Prevent indexing Microsoft Office Outlook'.

What is the difference in using the option of preventing MAPI, and using the available option for preventing indexing of Outlook when Outlook is the MAPI application in this case?

I am interested in this as we don't have search installed either, and I'm looking at the options here.


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Hi Geoff,

Sorry for the extremely late reply, I was not watching this thread.

I cannot really answer your question, however I did extensive testing to resolve the Windows Search issue we were seeing and found the settings listed in my blog fixed the issue.

I am still not 100% happy with how Windows Search behaves on XenApp servers even with the tuning settings; it is common to see searchindexer.exe consume large amounts of CPU, but only for a short period.


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