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On dual monitor display, cannot drag application to secondary monitor


I have a XA6 deploy and I have a system with dual screens that i launch a published application (excel) from. When I try to drag the application to the second monitor it stops halfway and cannot go any further onto the secondary monitor.

I have tried increasing the video RAM to max as well as changing the color depth of the app down to 8bit. I've also adjusted my monitors so they are both the same size of 1366x768 but the same issue occurs. Natively they are 1366x768 and 1680 x 1050.

My understanding is that the 32MB of RAM should be sufficient or at least i should get a degrade color depth first warning if it is not sufficient. No matter what I try I cannot get it to work. Like I said I did bump the video RAM to 64MB but the same issue occured. I also tried flipping the policy from degrade resolution to degrade color depth and vice versa.

I have looked at http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX115637 but most of the fixes seem targeted at XA5 on 2003 or 2008 where this was more of an issue.

Any ideas anyone!?


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That is definitely the symptom of having not enough video memory to support your client desktop size.

How did you change the video memory? If you did it through a console or an application, I would verify that the change was received on the server by examining the registry setting. This is the only thing that I've ever seen cause this issue.

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