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Authentication hangs at tmindex.html or index.html (loading your apps)

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Help please.

I have NetScaler v13.1 build 42.47 configured with NetScaler OTP.

StoreFront server is a LB vserver on a NetScaler VPX on the LAN side of my gateway.

We can authenticate fine, aaad.debug shows success.

Then browser hangs at either tmindex.html or index.html

I have googled these errors and the majority of suggestions are around the Theme being corrupted during upgrade.

There is a nice piece "discussion.citrix.com" which suggests some cli commands to view the ns.log while testing authentication.

One command (tail -F /var/log/ns.log | grep -v CMD_EXEC) has in the output the message "ns_aaa_login_handler: Login request is not expected to be encrypted" which when googled suggests issues with the Theme.

But everything I find refers to old releases, v13.0 v12.1 etc.

So questions?

How do I resolve this issue as the version I am running is the latest?

Do I go back to a previous v13.1 release?

Anyone got any suggestions/pointers/hints?

I would appreciate any help and guidance



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