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How do I use ADM to extract specific statements from the ADC configs?

Danny Gullick

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Hi Danny,

ADM configuration jobs can help you extract the running configuration of an ADC into the config editor UI, where you can do simple browser based search for the specific keyword. ADM does not have a direct way to extract statements from the config containing specific keywords - this will need to be taken up as an enhacement.

Please can you share your detailed use case to help us understand the overall requirement better - i.e. why do you need this functionality? Thank you.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. What I have is a certificate that I use on about 30 Netscaler pairs that is going to expire in a month. Normally, we would just log into each and update the certificate. So, I am just looking for a way to automate that process. I thought listing out all of the bind statements would be a good first step.

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Hi, if this is certificate related then have you tried going into the Infrastructure > SSL Dashboard > SSL Certificates-Used page as this will detail all the SSL certificates and where used.

If you're wanting to update the SSL certificate then this can also be completed within the Infrastructure > SSL Dashboard > SSL Certificates - Expiring within one week and 30 days option, although this would need to be repeated for each NetScaler pair.

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