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Client IP Address Filter

Carl Dittloff


I am trying to apply a policy to users from a particular subnet. The policy does not seem to apply. When I remove the client ip filter it does work however.

I cannot find exactly what syntax the policy requires. I have tried a few different manuals and they do not seem to explain it to the level that I need.

Should the syntax be for a client on network be:

Thanks in advance.

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I have now tried the exact IP Address of my testing workstation. I have remove all other filters. The policy DOES work when no filters are applied.

I entered my IP as in the Client IP Filter. Is it possible that there might be a bug in XenApp 6?

I am going to try every possible way of entering the IP. Although this is painful as the XenApp Policy Module lags quite a lot and is very unresponsive.

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Confirmed that and 172.16.0.* BOTH worked.

Also confirmed that works also for a single address.

The confusion was due to the Delivery Services Console Policy module hanging and not updating changes to the IMA Database. It was also a case of printer drivers not replicating giving mixed results.

Edited by: Carl Dittloff on 16-Sep-2010 00:23

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Hi all, I'm also trying out this feature to map printers based on client IP-address.

Unfortunately I'm not seeing the desired results despite having tried both and 192.168.1.* syntax.

I'm checking in the event viewer for errors, but not finding any.

Did you guys need to restart the IMA service to get this to work?

I know the needed printer drivers are indeed on the Citrix server (I only got 1 Citrix server using XenApp 6.5 at the moment)

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