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mouse speed in a VDI desktop

Rob Beekmans1709152175



Just a short question...
I've been implementing several XenDesktop 4 environments and noticed something I couldn't explain right away.

I've given the user access to main.cpl to get access to the mouse properties.
all options are configurable, only the mouse speed is an option that's not doing anything.

If you set the speed to slow or fast the reaction is similar.
If you set the mouse speed on your client first and then connect the speed is inherited.
I find that to complicated for a user and would like to set the mouse speed in the VDI desktop.

Is this possible, has anyone done this before?
Thanks for any response


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thanks for replying.
I've got a customer when some users would like to set the mouse speed.
Those user don't have access to the local system, we start a web-page when the TC is started.
The TC is shutdown after they logoff or disconnect to make sure no credentials are saved.

Of course I could give them rights to change the mouse speed locally but that would mean the user would have to do it daily and perhaps more often.

It's a pity it's not possible, I've heard it from two customers now. I like to see the VDI solution as a solution where the endpoint is not important. in several cases you would not be able to change things locally like Internet Cafes or even at home. mouse speed is only an issue in remote sessions not that often at a local pc.

Hope they can find a solution in the future.

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For the handful of users who need to change the mouse sensitivity, you could give them a mouse with a driver that has a hot key for adjusting sensitivity on the fly. I've seen one that lets you adjust it by holding a mouse button and scrolling up and down with the scroll wheel, complete with an on screen indicator. Unfortunately this wouldn't work on locked down thin clients where Windows drivers couldn't be installed. Anyway, it would be best if the mouse sensitivity could be configured in either the local or remote session, like other settings currently can (I am a lefty so I at least need to be able to reverse the mouse buttons :D ).

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Is there any update on this one?

We also have some users that would like to be able to change the speed of their mouse, and as an admin I would prefer if they could do this kind of thing themselves from within their own profile.

Like Thomas, we also use igel thin clients that launch into the web interface - so the users are effectively working on the servers at all times. Yet when they change mouse Motion/Pointer speeds, nothing happens at all.

As suggested by Thomas, I have enabled the USB redirection but unfortunately didn't have any success.

Anyone else come across this issue at all?

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Any update? This is still relevant and it's been almost 9 years since the need was explained. We're deploying non-persistent VDIs to users on Dell Wyse zero clients (Linux OS) and the users have no access to the mouse speed settings on their VDI. Even if they did, they'd have to change the setting on a regular basis since the desktop is roaming/non-persistent. Hardly an enterprise solution. If there are any ideas out there on how to address this, they'd be nice to hear. None of the solutions I've found so far make any difference in the user experience.

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