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Tailored Disk Sizing Strategies for NetScaler VPX Deployment to optimise scalability


Isha Khurana
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Tune in to the 30 min technical hands-on Live Demos delivered by our NetScaler Engineers. This session is curated for users who are day to day users of NetScaler or are willing to get acquainted with the NetScaler solutions.Learn directly from the experts and ask any questions live on the configuration, troubleshooting and best practices.


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Join us for an interactive webinar session showcasing a solution to a common challenge encountered by NetScaler VPX customers. By default, the VPX image is provisioned with a fixed disk size of 20GB, which often presents difficulties for prolonged instances and upgrades. To address this issue, various workarounds, such as attaching additional disks and utilizing ADM disk clean-up jobs, have been implemented. However, with our latest enhancement, VPX now offers the flexibility to adjust disk size according to user requirements during provisioning. 

During this session, we will demonstrate 

  • Seamless process of expanding disk size on VPX instances across any hypervisor or public cloud platform.



Harihara Sudhan

Lead Product Manager



Pradeep Kumar M

Sr. Software Engineer


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This was very interesting, good addon to easily expand disk space of the /var partition.  I have two questions that were not fully or unanswered during the webinar.

  1. This feature is available starting with which version?  Specific 13.1 build?  14.1 only?
  2. If we already have assigned a 40GB disk on the VM in ESXi, will the extra 20GB automatically be picked up when we stop/start the VM after the firmware upgrade to the supported version?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Mathieu Peloquin

Thanks for attending the live demo session. 
Please find your answers.
1. The feature will be available from 14.1-21.x and 13.1-52.x onwards.
2. Yes, after upgrade the extra allocated disk size will be reflected on VPX. 

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