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  • NetScaler GSLB controller making microservice applications resilient and available across hybrid deployment

    Mayur Patil

    NetScaler GSLB for your multi-Kubernetes microservice deployments

    NetScaler Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is a DNS-based solution which describes a range of technologies to distribute resources around multi-site data center locations. Customers are migrating application workloads from monoliths to microservices where applications are deployed across multiple Kubernetes clusters for high availability. NetScaler can distribute traffic across multiple K8s clusters providing resiliency to microservice applications. NetScaler GSLB controller deployed inside Kubernetes cluster will automate NetScaler GSLB appliance will be demonstrated in this lab.

    The lab will demonstrate how to:

    • Deploy an application in Kubernetes cluster across two data centers/sites
    • Deploy GSLB controller in the Kubernetes cluster
    • Configure NetScaler GSLB using GSLB controller
    • Distribute the ingress traffic to applications deployed across the site using NetScaler.
    Click the Start hands-on Lab at the top of the post to try out !
    Let us know your feedback or any issues in the comments section.

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