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  • Cloud Native Networking with NetScaler CPX

    Mayur Vadhar

    NetScaler CPX is a container-based application delivery controller that can be provisioned on a Docker host. NetScaler CPX enables customers to leverage Docker engine capabilities and use NetScaler load balancing and traffic management features for container-based applications. 


    In this hands-on lab, learn how to expose microservice application deployed in a Kubernetes Cluster using NetScaler CPX on an existing Kubernetes Cluster.

    The lab will demonstrate how to:

    • Deploy a microservice Guestbook application on Kubernetes
    • Deploy NetScaler CPX and expose it using NodePort service
    • Expose Guestbook application via NetScaler CPX through HTTP
    • Expose Guestbook application via NetScaler CPX through HTTPS
    • Redirect incoming HTTP traffic to HTTPS for Guestbook application
    Click the Start hands-on Lab at the top of the post to try out !

    Let us know your feedback or any issues in the comments section.


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