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MS Teams V2 (New MS Teams) and Virtual Apps and Desktops



We are running Virtual Apps and Desktop 2203 CU3 on Windows Server 2016 with the MS Teams Classic (V1) optimization in place. I see Microsoft seem to have roadmapped the end of support for MS Teams v1 for June 2024 as per here. As per here the new MS teams V2 is supported on this version of the VDA but we now:


  1. Cannot use it as a published app
  2. Need to upgrade the OS to Windows Server 2019+


We have a close relationship with a major Citrix implementation partner and MS and this has only come up this week. We are shocked to sya the least as upgarding our entire estate to a new OS is major undertaking given.

Given Citrix and MS are partners how can they change the goalposts on the supported OS like this?

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I understand your point Shocko.   Seems like this was some unilateral decision making on the Microsoft side to me.  The new version of Teams is not compatible with Windows Server 2016 and it was not built to accomodate being published as an app.


I read that Citrix is working with Microsoft to get the published as an app thing solved.  Hopefully that will not take too long.


I agree that the Citrix-Microsoft partnership/collaboration for Teams should have mitigated this.


And just as a comment, I love your Bert and Ernie avatar.

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