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Chris Chau
NetScaler Connect is a monthly webinar, held by NetScaler Community, targeting to release any updates of NetScaler technologies to our valued partners and customers.
In this February webinar, we will cover:
Introduction on NetScaler Community ADM: Overview of "Tasks" feature Core NetScaler ADC Updates Tech preview of App Delivery and Security Service (ADS) in Azure Here, you may find more information related to our topics:
NetScaler Community: https://community.netscaler.com ADM: https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-application-delivery-management/ ADS: https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-app-delivery-and-security/

Chris Chau
You can automate NetScaler deployment and configuration with Terraform and the NetScaler Nitro API stack. This demo will walk you through how to deploy a pair of NetScalers, how to set up a load-balanced virtual IP (VIP), and how to deploy Global Site Load Balancing (GSLB) all with Terraform.
Terraform Scripts: https://github.com/citrix/terraform-cloud-scripts
NetScaler Nitro APIs
Developer Cloud: https://developer-docs.citrix.com/projects/netscaler-nitro-api/en/latest/ NetScaler GUI: http://<NetScaler IP>/menu/dw NetScaler CLI (File System): /var/netscaler/nitro/ Terraform Registryhttps://registry.terraform.io/providers/citrix/citrixadc/latest https://github.com/citrix/terraform-cloud-scripts/tree/master/on_prem/configure_on_prem_netscaler_adcs_in_high_availability https://github.com/citrix/terraform-provider-citrixadc/tree/master/examples To see more product demos, please visit the NetScaler Community at https://community.netscaler.com/s/events.

Chris Chau
As part of the Application Analytics, the Web Insight provide tons of informative data for infra admin, security admin and also app admin to identify any performance issues and also security issues.  Information includes application performance anomalies, app response time, network latency, app server slowness, SSL app insights, web app security and bot events and more...
In this video, you can find out what information Web Insight can provide, what issues Web Insight can help and how Web Insight can help remediating them...  Fruitful contents with demo...

Chris Chau
As we always mention, a proper app delivery solution is not only about deploying an ADC to deliver requests/responses to/from your users/apps, but also the performance and management of the apps after being delivered.
NetScaler ADM Service is a cloud service for not only centralized managing your NetScaler fleet, but also providing adequate information on the performance, security and behaviour of your apps and app delivery infrastructure.  Among those analytics, App Usage Analytics is the one based on AI/ML and helps you:
Figuring out what Apps are using the most resources and how they are. Showing how your apps are performing normally or abnormally. Alerting any suspected behaviour or security issues happened on your apps. Suggesting the best maintenance timeline according to the daily usage patterns. Many more... Let's take a look at the following video and see how the above can be achieved by App Usage Analytics in ADM Service. 

Chris Chau
Applications are the heart of the business and operations of most of the enterprises.  As a successful enterprise, having the sophisticated and well-designed applications are NOT enough.  You will need a well-performing and promising app delivery platform, with insightful analytics, in order to ensure the well-developed apps are running nice and effective.
NetScaler ADC is a well-known and industry-leading app delivery controller.  It handles every transaction of the apps and keeps an eye on every request and response behaviour.  Hence, it is in the perfect position to gather all the transaction information, and pass this analytic data to the NetScaler ADM for the app performance analytics and any anomalies detection.
Application Dashboard in the NetScaler ADM is a single pane of glass, showing you the application analytics and performance scoring of your apps being delivered thru NetScaler.  It provides not only an overview of ALL the apps performance, but also specific app's visibility and analytics by clicking and drilling down from the dashboard.
Finally, Application Dashboard and Application Analytics in ADM will also suggest you the remediations to the discovered performance or security issues.

Chris Chau
As everyone may know, NetScaler is in the critical position of the app delivery.  Every transaction (both requests and responses) of that app must go thru the NetScaler.  At the same time, all these transaction statistics and events are sent from NetScaler to ADM.  By digesting all these data, ADM can provide network/app admin lots of informative and critical statistics and analytics, of how the application performance is.
Nevertheless, some app admins do have their own app monitoring dashboard and systems.  New Relic is one of these popular 3rd-party App Performance Monitoring Tool.  Integrating ADM data with New Relic can provide a single App monitoring pane to the App Admins.
In this video, you will how ADM can be integrating with New Relic and what information can be shown there.

Chris Chau
Today, the market trends and customer demands are changing frequently and continuously.  Enterprises need to cope with this rhythm, in order to achieve their business goals and retain a competitive position in such severe-fighting market.
IT infrastructure team, application team and security team of these enterprises would need to adopt a new way of resources management, so that most of the resources and apps roll-out can be self-service and provisioned.  Such automation covers stages across the development, testing and staging, and finally production.
Since NetScaler ADC is playing a key role in the App Delivery Platform, it also supports automation by not only ADM Service, but also other 3rd-party automation tools, like Ansible, Terraform, etc...
In this video, you will listen to our briefing on the NetScaler ADC Automation overview and also enjoy the demo on automation with Anisble.   
Please also be aware that there are labs for our NetScaler ADC Automation in our Community Portal and you are welcomed to try (https://community.netscaler.com/s/netscaler-labs).  

Chris Chau
CICO licensing for ADC instances in ADM is a key feature in enabling a flexible and scalable hybrid multi-cloud app delivery platform. 
As you all should know, every ADC instance must have a license allocated, before it can perform its job.  Without CICO licensing, every ADC instance needs to be installed with a proper license file MANUALLY, creating hiccups in a establishing a fully automated and orchestrated platform.  When more and more enterprises are adopting cloud (private or public) infrastructure, with automation and orchestration, such a CICO licensing function in ADM is crucial to ensure any ADC instances can be up and running flexibly, without any human intervention.  
Now, CICO licensing also supports both "managed" and "unmanaged" devices in ADM.  This ensures it can be applied to any ADC instances use cases, from dev test, to staging and even production platform.
Please take a look at the following video for a brief explanation.

Chris Chau
The Management and Monitoring features are the core values of ADM Service.  It helps easing the daily operation workload, automating tasks to reduce human-errors and visualizing the truth with insightful analytics.
In the video below, we are going to have a quick briefing on 3 of those management and monitoring features:
Generating techsupport bundle for Primary/Secondary NetScaler directly from a centralized console Viewing Network Reports with daily data points within a month duration Rescheduling the Config/Upgrade jobs when an unforeseen ADM Service event occurs Please feel free to comment and discuss.  Thanks for watching!!

Chris Chau
Several NetScaler monitoring and management feature enhancements have been released in ADM.  They include:
SSL Crypto Utilization metrics are now available in Network Reports.  Users can create their own network reporting dashboard, with those SSL crypto utilization stats. Zero Capacity License Expiry Information reflects the expiry date of the users' Z-Cap NetScaler appliances. SDX Upgrade, with the support of selecting the SDX images, directly from the NetScaler resource library online. For details and demo, please take a look at the following short video and feel free to comment. 

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