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Live Demo: Using NetScaler APIs to Automate ADC Management and Troubleshooting Tasks

Chris Chau
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    Summary: A recorded Live Demo session shows how to use NetScaler APIs to automate ADC management and troubleshooting tasks.

As an alternative to logging in to the NetScaler dashboard or using a command line interface to manage and monitor your ADCs, you can instead use NetScaler’s powerful APIs. In this live demo, we’ll demonstrate how to automate common tasks for more efficient application delivery management.


You’ll see how NetScaler service APIs can help you:

  • Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks
  • Quickly add new ADCs without making configuration errors
  • Get vServer stats to confirm virtual IP server and service object binding
  • See the health status of your ADCs for faster troubleshooting
  • Easily manage your certificates in NetScaler
  • Gain insights into application performance

Details of the NetScaler API: https://developer.cloud.com/app-delivery-and-security/citrix-adc/docs/overview

Details of the ADM Service API: https://developer.cloud.com/app-delivery-and-security/citrix-application-delivery-management-service


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