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Live Demo: Transforming a Linux Host into a NetScaler BLX with Terraform: A Hands-On Demonstration

Chris Chau
  • Validation Status: Validated
    Summary: A recorded Live Demo session shows how to transform a Linux host into a NetScaler BLX with Terraform

NetScaler is designed in a software-centric approach. With NetScaler, you can have the same app delivery functions and consistent operational efforts, across different form factors and platforms. NetScaler BLX enables our customers to transform their own standardized server hardware into a NetScaler appliance. As DevOps and infra automation are hot in the industrty, customers may also be seeking for some ideas on how to automate the operation and management tasks of NetScaler in the hybrid mutli-cloud environment.


In this video, our NetScaler experts will showcase the below:

  • Demonstration of the smart conversion of a Linux host into NetScaler BLX through the Terraform.
  • The co-existence aspect of NetScaler BLX to function with other Linux apps

Here, you may find more information regarding our NetScaler BLX and the automation capability with Terraform.

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