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Live Demo: Showcase the power of NetScaler Clustering

Chris Chau
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    Summary: This Live Demo will showcase the benefits of NetScaler Clustering

A NetScaler cluster is formed by grouping NetScaler appliances together. NetScaler clustering can provide active-active traffic processing on 2 or up to 32 NetScaler appliances either physical or virtual. Each appliance must be of the same license type, software build, hardware build (MPX/SDX) or virtual build (VPX/SDX).


In this live demo, we will showcase:

  • How to perform a cluster upgrade: Procedure and Best practices
  • Handling of spotted entities in Cluster during node removal and join
  • Retain connection feature: Bird eye view and best practices

Details information can be found in the following eDoc link:

For more latest NetScaler technical information, please feel free to register and visit our NetScaler Community: https://community.netscaler.com.



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