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Live Demo: Microservices Application Delivery with NetScaler

Chris Chau
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    Summary: A recorded Live Demo session shows how to use NetScaler for Microservices Application Delivery.

Microservices applications require an ingress proxy that accepts traffic from outside the Kubernetes (K8s) environment and distributes it to pods running inside K8s. Common use cases for using an ingress proxy are L4-L7 traffic management, authentication, health checks, monitoring, WAF, and bot protection. NetScaler not only supports these common use cases, but also offers reliable and better performance for microservices applications.


In this live demo, NetScaler experts will cover these use cases:

  • Accessing microservices applications using the Kubernetes ingress resource
  • IP blacklisting, such as blocking client IPs from accessing the application
  • Troubleshooting ingress controller issues

For more information of NetScaler Cloud Native App Delivery solutions, please visit:



For more latest and hottest technical information of NetScaler, please visit NetScaler Community.



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