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Integrating ADM with New Relic

Chris Chau
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    Summary: Something related to the integration of ADM with New Relic

As everyone may know, NetScaler is in the critical position of the app delivery.  Every transaction (both requests and responses) of that app must go thru the NetScaler.  At the same time, all these transaction statistics and events are sent from NetScaler to ADM.  By digesting all these data, ADM can provide network/app admin lots of informative and critical statistics and analytics, of how the application performance is.


Nevertheless, some app admins do have their own app monitoring dashboard and systems.  New Relic is one of these popular 3rd-party App Performance Monitoring Tool.  Integrating ADM data with New Relic can provide a single App monitoring pane to the App Admins.


In this video, you will how ADM can be integrating with New Relic and what information can be shown there.


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