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How to Monitor API Traffic and Performance from ADM (API Gateway)

Guest Prerit Seth
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Many Citrix customers use Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) to manage their ADCs and applications. But the ADM can also be used to get visibility into your APIs – all with zero extra configuration or setup. From the API Gateway dashboard, customers can get discovery into their API endpoints, visibility into their API analytics and performance, and an understanding of their API security posture. 

To find your API analytics, login to your Citrix ADM dashboard (using your Citrix Cloud account). Next, use the left-hand navbar to navigate to Security > API Gateway. This will bring you to the API Analytics page by default.  

On this page, you will get rich, API-specific information from your network – even without having deployed a dedicated instance of the Citrix API Gateway. See things like 

  • Detected API endpoints 

  • Response times & latency for API traffic 

  • Volume and number of requests across your APIs 

  • Total Bandwidth 

  • Authorization failures  

Beyond API analytics and visibility, customers can deploy an instance of the Netscaler API Gateway to have more fine-tuned control over managing and securing their APIs. Instructions on how to deploy the Netscaler API Gateway are here

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