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Ensuring the NetScaler Integrity by ADM File Integrity Monitoring

Chris Chau
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    Summary: This video is elaborating what File Integrity Monitoring in ADM can help securing the NetScaler

NetScaler has introduced a new feature in the Application Delivery Management (ADM) Service called File Integrity Monitoring, which helps you determine if any unapproved changes have been made to your NetScaler build files. Unapproved changes may happen if your NetScaler has been compromised (or accessed by unapproved persons) and manipulation of those files has gone unnoticed.


Moreover, there is a huge volume of files within NetScaler. Monitoring each of these files for changes manually is an enormous task, prone to error, and often insufficient for detecting subtle or rapid alterations. Even with existing security measures in place, the dynamic nature of cyber threats demands a more proactive approach to identifying unauthorized modifications to your NetScaler build files.


NetScaler File Integrity Monitoring provides you with valuable insights that help you manage this risk. In this video, you can see how NetScaler ADM makes a comparison of the hash values by running a script in NetScaler and collecting the current binary hash values for the NetScaler build files. After the comparison, NetScaler ADM provides the result with total number of existing files modified and total number of newly added files. As an administrator, you can contact your organization digital forensics for further investigations on the scan results.


More information can be found in the following links:

For more latest NetScaler technical information, please feel free to register and visit our NetScaler Community: https://community.netscaler.com



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