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NetScaler How To's: How to Change Bandwidth Allocation in NetScaler via ADM

Chris Chau
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    Summary: This video showcases how to change the capacity allocation in NetScaler via ADM

The NetScaler ADM Service includes a feature called Pooled licensing, which empowers administrators to efficiently allocate, distribute, and assign licenses, bandwidth, and virtual CPUs for multiple NetScaler instances. This capability remains intact even if the instances are spread across multiple data centers, thanks to the single ADM Service Cloud Control Plane. With Pooled licenses, the typical tasks involve adding, allocating, modifying, and releasing the pooled capacity on NetScaler instances of any form factor.


In this short video, you can see how to change the bandwidth allocation of pooled licenses on ADM Service.


Details information can be found in the following eDoc link: https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-application-delivery-management-service/manage-licenses/pooled-licenses/configuring-pooled-capacity.html#step-3---allocate-pooled-licenses-to-adc-instances


For more latest NetScaler technical information, please feel free to register and visit our NetScaler Community: https://community.netscaler.com


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