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Delivering web apps from Azure cloud in an appcentric way with App Delivery and Security Service

Chris Chau
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    Summary: A demo showing how to deliver apps from Azure, via NetScaler Managed ADS Service

There are different ways to deliver your web apps from public clouds, such as Azure or AWS, but most of them are complicated in nature. Additionally, if you want to diversify your cloud use and adopt a multi-cloud strategy, your team will also need to master a number of different skill sets for each cloud provider deployed.


The AppCentric workflow in NetScaler App Delivery and Security (ADS) Service enables you to focus on the app-related configuration and the apps themselves. Being as a NetScaler-managed ADC-as-a-Service, once the target app is configured, there is no need to subsequently manage the infrastructure and networking configurations. All the non-app-related configuration details are omitted, making the configuration workflow nice and clear. Also, the app-centric workflow is intent-based and self-healing where applicable, simplifying operations.


In this short video, you will learn more about NetScaler's user-friendly AppCentric capabilities.


For more information on AppCentric configuration, please visit: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-app-delivery-and-security/citrix-managed/deliver-a-modern-application.html


For more information on ADS Service, please visit: https://www.citrix.com/products/citrix-app-delivery-and-security/


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