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Microsoft Teams optimization status

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Citrix Monitor displays the Microsoft Teams optimization status for HDX sessions in the User Details page > Session Details panel > MS Teams Optimization field. Optimizing Microsoft Teams is critical for a better user experience, such as clear audio and video. Visibility of the Microsoft Teams optimization status reduces the time required to resolve tickets and helps administrators identify important metrics during troubleshooting.




  • The supported Citrix Workspace app versions are listed in Optimization for Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams runs as a published app or inside a published desktop.
  • Crucial services like the Citrix HDX HTML5 Video Redirection Service are running.


View Microsoft Teams optimization status:

  1. To access Monitor, sign in to Citrix Cloud.
  2. In the upper left menu, select My Services > DaaS. Click Monitor.
  3. Use the Director’s Help Desk view (Activity Manager page) to view information about the user or session.
  4. Click View Details from the Activity Manager, which opens the User Details page.
  5. The Microsoft Teams optimization status for HDX sessions is on the User Details page > Session Details panel > MS Teams Optimization field.



If Microsoft Teams isn’t optimized, the tooltip provides a link to an external troubleshooting live article from HDX containing tips to optimize Microsoft Teams.



Citrix Production Documentation - Troubleshoot user issues

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