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Manage Resource Locations

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Manage Resource Locations

Periodically, Citrix releases updates to increase the performance, security, and reliability of the Cloud Connector or Connector Appliance. By default, Citrix Cloud installs updates on each connector, one at a time, as soon as these updates become available. To ensure updates are installed timely without unduly affecting your users’ Citrix Cloud experience, you can control connector updates as follows:

  • Schedule updates for a preferred time of day and a preferred day of the week.
  • Perform a one-time delay, so the connectors you specify update two weeks later than scheduled.
  • If an update fails due to an issue on the host machine, restart the update after the issue has been addressed.

Also, you can verify your connectors are up-to-date by comparing the current connector version in your resource location with the target version in Citrix Cloud.


Choose an updated schedule

Use the steps in this section to schedule connector updates through the Citrix Cloud management console.

  1. From the Citrix Cloud menu, select Resource Locations.
  2. Locate the resource location you want to modify and, from the ellipsis menu, select Manage Resource Location.
  3. Under Choose your update method, select Set a maintenance start time and choose the preferred day, time, and time zone for installing updates.
    • To specify only a preferred time of day, select the hour and time zone that you want updates to be installed. Citrix Cloud installs updates 24 hours after they become available, at your preferred time.
    • To specify a preferred day of the week, select the hour, day, and time zone. Citrix Cloud waits for seven days after updates become available before installing them on your preferred day.

After you configure your update schedule, Citrix Cloud displays it next to the resource location name.



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