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Enable VHD disk compaction

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Steven Gallagher

Enable VHD disk compaction

VHD disk compaction is a process that reduces the size of a VHD file by removing empty space and combining the data within the file. With the Enable VHD disk compaction policy, you can enable VHD disk compaction for Profile Management. VHD files created by Profile Management are automatically compacted on user logoff when certain conditions are met, thus saving space on central or cloud storage.

VHDX disk compaction applies to the following VHDX files in Profile Management:

  1. Profile container
  2. OneDrive container
  3. Folder mirroring container

With the Enable VHD disk compaction policy enabled, a VHDX file is automatically compacted on user logoff when one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The free space ratio of the VHD file exceeds a specified value (by default, 20%)
  2. The number of logoffs since the last compaction reaches a specified value (by default, 5)


Enable and configure VHD disk compaction settings

  1. To access Web Studio, sign in to Citrix Cloud.
  2. In the upper left menu, select My Services > DaaS. Click Manage.
  3. In the left-navigation, click Policies.
  4. In the Policies tab, select any of the policies listed and click Edit Policy.
  5. Select Profile Management > Advanced settings
  6. Select Free space ratio to trigger VHD disk compaction
  7. Click Save



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