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Configure Service continuity

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What is Citrix Service continuity?

Service continuity is a Citrix technology that can maintain end-user access to business-critical workloads during potential service disruptions.

Service continuity is a Citrix DaaS-only feature that uses Connection Lease files downloaded to a user’s endpoint when they login to Citrix Workspace from either the Workspace app or a browser (the Citrix Workspace web extension is required for Service continuity to work in a browser). It uses the Connection Lease files when a normal end-user launch path cannot be established. Service continuity is only supported for DaaS connections through the Workspace service.



Citrix Service continuity is disabled by default in Citrix DaaS. Therefore, enabling it is a critical first step in correctly configuring your environment in case of a service disruption.



Configure Citrix service continuity

To enable Citrix Service continuity for your site:

  1. From the Citrix Cloud menu, go to Workspace Configuration > Service continuity.
  2. Set the Connection leasing for the workspace to Enable
  3. Set the Connection lease period to how many days a Workspace connection lease can be used to maintain a connection. The lease period applies to all Workspace connection leases through your site. It starts the first time a user signs in to the Citrix Cloud Workspace store. Workspace connection leases are refreshed each time the user signs in, up to once a day. The lease period can be from one day to 30 days. The default is seven days.
  4. Click Save.



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