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  1. Tech Insight: App Layering - User Layers

    Citrix App Layering user layers provide a better experience for administrators and users in a virtual app and desktop environment. Simplifies image management by allowing user-based customization to non-persistent virtual environments Solves the most difficult usability concerns in a virtual app and desktop environment: Outlook cache, OneDrive, Windows search, user-installed apps, and so on Watch this video to learn more:  
  2. Tech Insight: Authentication - Citrix Gateway

    Utilizing an on-premises Citrix Gateway as the identity provider for Citrix Workspace allows organizations to incorporate custom authentication profiles into Citrix Cloud services. An on-premises Citrix Gateway allows organizations to have the following capabilities: Have complete control over the authentication profiles Integrate multi-factor solutions like RADIUS, nFactor, certificates, and others Incorporate multiple authentication profiles within a single Citrix Workspa
  3. Tech Insight: Authentication - Okta

    Citrix Workspace provides organizations with a choice in selecting their primary identity provider. With the integration of Okta, the user's Okta identity provides them with authorization to access apps, desktops and content within Citrix Workspace. The Citrix Workspace and Okta integration provides the following: Simplify the user experience by relying on a single identity Authorize access to SaaS and Web apps based on the user's Okta identity and Okta group membership Integrate a wide-rang
  4. Tech Insight: Authentication - Push

    Incorporating a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) into the authentication policy is an easy way to improve authentication security. Extending TOTP to include push authentication allows organizations to provide a better user experience by eliminating the need to manually enter the temporary token. The following Tech Insight video demonstrates how to: Extend an on-premises Citrix Gateway with push authentication Utilize an API from services within Citrix Cloud Simplify user authentication
  5. Tech Insight: Authentication - SAML

    Citrix Workspace provides organizations with a choice in selecting their primary identity provider (IdP). With the integration of SAML, an organization can use a SAML-based identity provider like OneLogin, Ping and SecureAuth as examples. The user's SAML identity provides them with authorization to access apps, desktops and content within Citrix Workspace. The Citrix Workspace and SAML IdP integration provides the following: Simplify the user experience by relying on a single identity Author
  6. Tech Insight: Authentication - TOTP

    Citrix Workspace provides a cloud-hosted Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) option for organizations using a Windows Active Directory as the primary identity. The TOTP micro-service adds multifactor authentication to the user's Workspace experience, enabling the following: Users are able to request and install a new token using Citrix SSO, Microsoft Authentication (and more) Admins can enable TOTP multifactor authentication with minimal effort Admins can easily disable a u
  7. Tech Insight: Citrix Profile Management - Storage Management

    Profile management solutions provide a flexible way to virtualize user profile data, however it also faces challenges. Citrix Profile Management provides three storage features (File deduplication, Profile Containers, and Container sizing and auto expansion) to help utilize profile storage more effectively. Watch this video to learn more:
  8. Tech Insight: Federated Authentication Service

    Citrix Workspace allows organizations to standardize on a non-Active Directory based Identity Provider (IdP), like Okta. However, Windows-based desktops and apps require an Active Directory account for authentication. The federated authentication service, integrated with Citrix Workspace, utilizes virtual smartcards to provide single sign-on to Windows-based resources. This eliminates the need for users to authenticate multiple times when accessing Windows-based resources, resulting in a be
  9. Tech Insight: Google Chrome OS Management

    Learn how to manage Chrome OS device with Citrix Endpoint Management Service and deploy the Citrix Workspace app. Watch this video to learn more:  
  10. Tech Insight: HDX

    HDX is a set of remoting technologies providing the user with the best possible virtual application and desktop experience. The technologies within HDX include things like the ICA protocol, adaptive display, adaptive throughput, browser content redirection and more. Each technology within HDX focuses on a unique part of the overall virtual app and desktop session delivery approach. To see how these capabilities improve the overall experience, watch the following videos. Adaptive Display
  11. Tech Insight: Microsoft Teams Optimization

    Citrix DaaS and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops can optimize Microsoft Teams to run on any device, anywhere. Learn how the Citrix HDX Teams Optmization can provide an optimized and great Teams end-user experience when configured correctly. Watch this video to learn how Citrix optimizes Microsoft Teams:  
  12. Tech Insight: Performance Analytics

    Performance Analytics gives you the tools and data to improve the performance of your environment with real actionable data. It provides user-centric experience scores, application, and infrastructure performance scores through advanced analytics. Also, it provides multi-site aggregation and reporting so customers with multiple sites can consume data from a single pane of glass. Watch this video to learn more:   Watch this video to learn more: Black Hole M
  13. Tech Insight: Remote PC Access

    For many users, the work environment centers on a physical Windows 10 PC sitting under their desk. Remote PC Access allows a remote user to log into their physical Windows office PC using virtually any device (tablets, phones, and laptops using iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows). Watch this video to learn more:  
  14. Tech Insight: Security Analytics

    Security Analytics generates actionable insights, enabling administrators to proactively handle user and application security threats. It allows you to monitor and identify inconsistent or suspicious activity within your environment. Watch this video to learn more:  
  15. Tech Insight: Site Aggregation

    Allows organizations to integrate their IT-managed Virtual Apps and Desktops environment with the Workspace experience of Citrix Cloud, without requiring modifications to the current environment. Watch this video to learn more:  
  16. Tech Insight: VPN-Less Access to Web, Windows and Linux Resources

    With Citrix Workspace, users can access internal Web apps, Windows apps, Linux apps, Windows desktops and Linux desktops without the need to install, configure, and launch a VPN. Watch this video to learn more:  
  17. Tech Insight: Workspace app

    Workspace app provides the local interface to the user's workspace, running in Citrix Cloud. Running on any end point, Workspace app provides the same experience regardless of the device selected. Watch this video to learn more:  
  18. Tech Insight: Workspace Environment Management

    To provide the best experience for users, Workspace Environment Management monitors and analyzes user and application behavior in real time. Workspace Environment Management then intelligently adjusts system resources in the user workspace environment. These capabilities improve the user experience and better utilize system resources for active processes. The Workspace Environment Management Tech Brief provides additional details on the communication and architecture. To see how these
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