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Design Decisions

  1. Design Decisions: Citrix DaaS for Azure

    This document provides guidance and resources to help Citrix customers design Citrix DaaS solutions on Azure. The different sections contain a list of questions to help you better understand the design decisions that you need to make before deploying Citrix in Microsoft Azure. We will cover 4 design areas. System Level will cover Citrix and Azure cloud consideration. We then dive into design considerations for the workloads run in the system - the Citrix VDA’s. From there we jump into the user s
  2. Local Host Cache sizing and scaling

    Overview This article provides size and scale recommendations for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments using Local Host Cache (LHC). For size and scale recommendations for Citrix DaaS, see Size and scale considerations for Cloud Connectors. LHC provides high availability by allowing connection brokering to continue during an outage. Users of LHC must observe the following design considerations: During an outage, a single broker per zone handles Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) registrati
  3. Sizing VDA Instances on Google Cloud Compute Engine

    Introduction This document provides single instance scalability and economic guidance for enterprises that are deploying Citrix workloads (VDA’s) on Google Cloud Compute Engine. The focus is on hosted shared workloads (Windows Server VDA’s with RDSH role installed) running on Google Compute Engine VM instances. Scale testing was performed using a heavy, reproducible synthetic workload, with a goal of providing conservative yet actionable guidance. We close with some sizing guidance for Google C
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