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Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix Endpoint Management is an enterprise mobility management solution offering Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) and is designed to help organizations manage and secure mobile devices, applications, and data across various platforms and operating systems. Citrix Endpoint Management allows organizations to embrace mobility securely. This page lists articles related to Citrix Endpoint Management.

Learn - Tech Insights

Tech Insights are short, 10-15-minute videos explaining a technology, a feature, a function with foundational technical insights, and a visual walkthrough of the technology.

Google Chrome OS Management - Manage Chrome OS devices with Citrix Endpoint Management.


Learn - Tech Briefs

Tech Briefs are short overview documents explaining a technology, a feature, or a function next to a technical diagram.

Citrix Endpoint Management - Learn about Unified Endpoint Management and let employees work how, when, and where they want with the power to manage every app, device, and platform in one central location.

Mobile SSO - Native mobile app single sign-on for iOS and Android SaaS applications.

Design - Reference Architectures

Reference architectures are comprehensive guides that assist organizations in planning their Citrix implementations, complete with use cases, recommendations, and more.

Citrix Endpoint Management with Microsoft EMS/Intune and Android Enterprise Integration - Learn about the architecture and integration with Microsoft EMS/Intune and Android Enterprise to deliver applications securely to any device and how it enables security and productivity benefits for both Microsoft EMS/Intune and Citrix customers.

Build - Deployment Guides

Deployment guides provide step-by-step instructions on performing key tasks around installing and configuring real-world Citrix solutions.

Migration from Android Device Administrator to Android Enterprise with Citrix Endpoint Management - Learn step-by-step instructions on migrating your Citrix Endpoint Management policies and apps. Take your Endpoint Management from a legacy Android Device Administrator deployment to Android Enterprise using a managed Google Play account.

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