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  1. As per my understanding you have ICA proxy setup, with NetScaler Gateway set to perform SAML authentication. In this scenario , user would authenticate at the IDP , and then submit assertion to NetScaler Gateway. Either IDP has to return the credential which you can submit to storefront using traffic policy or on the store the option delegate authentication to NetScaler gateway is enabled. https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/3-12/configure-authentication-and-delegation/configure-authentication-service.html
  2. @PiotrPWhat is the complete condition of the rule? I think the redirect part of the rule can be converted using responder. add responder action rsact_Portal-7091 redirect "\"https://\"+http.REQ.HOSTNAME+http.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY" -responseStatusCode 302 add responder policy rspol_Portal-7091 "http.REQ.URL.PATH.STARTSWITH(\"/cms\")" rsact_Portal-7091 If there is single condition you can translate using LB VIP, one of port 80, other on port 443. If there are multiple such conditions, you would need CS VIP with corresponding CS policies checking for url path.
  3. @Martin Ørding-Thomsen Try using dynamic SNI and static common name configuration on SSL Profile bound to the monitor.
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