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  1. Great stuff and a detailed deep dive on this migration process for GPOs. Very helpful for customers migrating their GPOs to WEM. I would give it a try for sure as we also own and mange several GPOs locally. It would be a good to manage all the GPOs from one single console. Thanks again @rdavis1983
  2. Hello All, We are in the process to migrate our access layer from On-Prem ADC/SF to Citrix Workspace URL. We have setup the URL and everything is up and running fine. But before we migrate our control layer we would want all users to access the Cloud workspace URL to access the resources that are brokered by On-Prem controllers. I know in DaaS within the workspace configuration, we can add the CVAD Site from On-Prem, and enable the service integration in workspace to allow users to see resources from the added site. However, if I am using Gateway service as the connectivity to that Site, then do I still need to configure my Controllers to have communication with Citrix cloud. As I think to communicate to Citrix Cloud it utilizes the resource location selected within the Site configuration while adding. So was wondering if there would be any additional connectivity requirements that I would need to consider for this. Even I added the site but not able to launch the resources from the site from Cloud workspace URL, getting error the published resource is currently not available.
  3. If you would want to use access layer on-prem Gateway and SF with Cloud Connectors in Citrix Cloud, then you could follow the below article to configure STA on your ADC and SF servers - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX232640/how-do-i-configure-netscaler-gateway-to-use-a-cloud-connector-as-a-sta However, if you want to enumerate your On-Prem Site using Cloud Workspace URL then you would need to follow the option described in this article below- https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-workspace/optimize-cvad/aggregate-sites This will help aggregating your On-Prem Sites in the Cloud workspace and allow users and subscribers to access your On-Prem resources directly from the cloud URL. However, there are some different connectivity requirements corresponding to it, which need to be considered before configuring the access. The documentation is very clear on how to configure it, but does not entail the specific connectivity requirements.
  4. you have probably asked lot of questions at once. there are different ways to unregister or remove the orphaned VMs. There is thing called TAG, which you could use and apply it to the specific machines that are not in use periodically. Power Manager with Azure has really improved a lot, you could easily specify the AutoScale configuration in the delivery group and modify the times accordingly. One very important factor is to consider the PeakBufferPercent and OffPeakBufferpercent. this really helps in ensuring that the machines gets powered on as per the specified time. You could also use a configruation baseline within Azure that could power off the VM if there are no users assigned to that VDI.
  5. Schedule task should always be configured with the System context to run as local system account. With respect to the addition of reboot schedule, I would mention to also perform a gpupdate during your image reseal. How are you are applying your GPOs to the computer objects, check if you could move those to the Citrix policies or not. Once the policy processing takes place try to run GPRESULT to see the different policies applied to the computer objects.
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